We work across spaces and devices
United by Microsoft Teams

Individual workspaces

  • At home
  • On the go or in transit
  • Individual office or dedicated workspace

Group workspaces

  • Huddle spaces and focus rooms
  • Communal areas and touchdown spaces
  • Small, medium and large meeting rooms

Personal Devices

PCs and Mobile

Audio & Video Peripherals

IP Phones

Shared Devices

Collaboration Bars

Teams Rooms

Surface Hub


A Camera is the critical element in any meeting room scenario as it is the component that. There are a number of elements to consider around form factor, light handling, focus type (digital or Mechanical) Pan Tilt and Zoom(PTZ), Auto Tracking, Price, etc.
Mic Array
The microphone in any room system deployment is the single important element as voice and audio are the fundamental of all calls. IN this consideration you will need to consider mic pickup, Ceiling, or Table, Integrated into a device or standalone. Not all mics are created equal and the Teams Certified devices require the highest level of fidelity.
Camera field of view
The Field of View(FOV) is how much of the room you will see this not only impacts how wide the view is but also take into account how well you will see the participants at the far end of the room.
Cable management
Cable management is on that is becoming simpler over the years but you need to consider how you will get the cables from your system to peripherals – Plenum, Conduit, drop ceiling and what is your method for deploying and ensuring that they are secure and in good condition.
Many things impact acoustics from Materials to size and shape of the space. Understanding how echo and reverberation will impact the audio in the room is fundamental for successful high quality meetings
Lighting is a component that tends to be though of last yet is big part of the experience for remote participants.

Understanding the color of the light to the exposure from Sunlight or diffused natural light impact on a camera in a meeting is necessary.


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