RS Compliance Manager


The Federal government collects over $3.5 trillion each year.  Of that, less than 8% come from corporate taxes.  The vast majority (over 80%) come from individual income and payroll taxes paid by average Americans. 

Yet, each year the Federal government buys over 70% from LARGE companies.  In essence taking precious money from Mainstreet and giving it to Wallstreet.  We like most Americans feel this is a problem.

We created RS Compliance Manager™ to help government (federal, state, and local) solve this problem.  With RS Compliance Manager™ government buyers have insight to more actively engage small business in prime and/or subcontracting.  Helping everyone.

Responsible government buyers can purchase RS Compliance Manager™ as part of our GSA cooperative contract GS35F0147T.  We gladly accept government purchase cards.  Look under "Other Products".

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